"The Whisper King books startled me with their invention and humanity. Destined to be a classic."

ó Weston Ochse, Award-winning author of SEAL Team 666 and Grunt Life

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"Iím not the kind of man who uses words very often, or very well.

All the same, as I tell my story you can be certain that even if it isnít very pretty it is at least the truth.

When I tell you there are monsters, then you can be certain there are monsters. Itís not some metaphor for society, or some fancy literary way of sharing my feelings.

When I tell you there are dark places between the shadows where things we canít see can see us, then thatís just what it is. Itís not exaggeration or poetry or some such words you might find in a politicianís speech.

And when I tell you there is a conspiracy against mankind that has been boiling on the edges of reality for centuries, then youíd better find a change of underwear. Because the threat is real, and it might already have you by the short hairs without you even knowing it.

All of thisÖevery word I writeÖitís the Goddamned truth. And if you donít believe it, well then thatís on your head. Iíve done my part in relating it. Let the story rot or run as the universe sees fit.

So, if youíre of a mind to read my story and judge it for itself and not for the man who tells it, then I suspect together weíll have a right pleasant nightmare.

Letís begin."